Sharnados Aren’t Real, but Sharkcanos Are …Footage Proves Sharks Do Live Inside Volcanoes

Sharnados Aren’t Real, but Sharkcanos Are …Footage Proves Sharks Do Live Inside Volcanoes

We understand that you love thrills and adventure. But no matter how many times you’ve dreamt about it or how much you want to witness one, sharknados aren’t real and they will never be. Sorry, but you just have to accept the truth.

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However, if you want to hear something interesting and fascinating, here’s a new discovery from the fiery depths of the Pacific. While exploring an active underwater volcano, scientists found out that there are certain sharp-toothed species living in it.

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Brennan Phillips, an oceanographer, led the expedition into the waters of the South Pacific. The team only wanted to learn more about the submarine volcano Kavachi, which is situated near the Solomon Islands. Since 2014, the land mass was actively spewing lava.

Although Kavachi’s summit was just around 100 feet below sea level, Phillips knew that it was still capable of shooting lava about a quarter-mile into the air. In fact, because of its frequent eruption, temporary islands were already formed on the surface of the ocean.

Ever since its discovery, nobody has studied Kavachi from up close, so Phillips and his team became even more interested.

Since it is difficult to gather information about underwater volcano because of the fact that it is dangerous, they had a hard time. In an effort to pursue their mission, they just sent underwater camera to know what’s inside the crater.

To their surprise, the volcano wasn’t the only thing they found out was active. There were crabs.

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There were also stingrays.

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