Girl Giving Judge the Middle Finger Sentenced for 30 Days Jail

Girl Giving Judge the Middle Finger Sentenced for 30 Days Jail

 Penelope Soto, 18, was arrested for possession of Xanax  – a prescription drug and was brought before the Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, where she was asked about her assets. The judge got super angry after she made a rude gesture to the judge during the hearing in Miami, Florida.

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The 18 year old was sentenced to 30 days in jail for criminal contempt of court after giving Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat the middle finger during her first appearance. She was in court for possession of Xanax pills. In the video you can see the young girl not taking the court appearance seriously.


In order to set the bond value for her release, she was asked about the value of her possessions, specifically her jewelry, and she laughed and stroked her hair, unable to give a coherent answer. The judge told her, “it’s not a joke, you know, we’re not in a club now. We are not in a club, be serious about it.” The defiant teenager merely replied, “I’m serious about it, you just made me laugh.”

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Penelope said that her jewelry amount was “like Rick Ross. It’s worth money.” The judge did not understand her reference and asked if she was on drugs. Initially, her bond was set at $5,000 dollars, but it was increased to $10,000 after her blithe attitude annoyed the judge. That wasn’t the end of their encounter because after she heard the amount of her bond, she blurted out “F–k you” to the judge and pulled the middle finger. She was then called back and sentenced to 30 days in the county Jail for criminal contempt of court. Since than, this video went viral

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Here’s a video of her 2nd court appearance

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