These Gorgeous Locations in Switzerland

These Gorgeous Locations in Switzerland

It is not only the home of the world’s best chocolate, Switzerland is also home to many breathtaking old towns and stunning sceneries and amazing nature art. Check out these best places to visit in Switzerland.

1. Trient Ravine

Trient Ravine, which is a 200-meter deep ravine, was carved into the rock of the Mont Blanc massif by a wild mountain stream. Its 114-meter high waterfall makes the sight a more interesting and fascinating place to visit, especially for climbers and nature lovers.

2. Brissago Island, Lago Maggiore

Lago Maggiore is unique for its mild climate that enables subtropical plants to flourish in the open air on Isola Grande, the large island. The Botanical Gardens of the Canton of Ticino is also home to roughly 1,700 plant species.

3. Swiss National Park


Enjoy all things natural in this 170–square kilometer Swiss National Park in the Engadine. With 80 kilometers of hiking paths, nature trails, and excursion destinations for children and families, visitors will definitely find it hard to leave the area.


4. Rochers-de-Naye, Montreux

The rocks of Rochers-de-Naye above Montreux, which stands 2,045 meters above sea level, are among the most beautiful vantage points. The view sweeps across Lake Geneva and the surrounding alps.

5. Aletsch—the Region Surrounding the Largest Alpine Glacier, Riederalp


The Large Aletsch Glacier is the Alps’ mightiest ice flow. It is also the most popular for it is easily accessible and is ideally situated for extensive hikes, winter sports, and special nature excursions.

6. Viamala—Graubünden’s Deepest Abysses, Thusis


This deep ravine in the Hinterrhein Valley was once hated and called the “Bad Path” since it obstructs on the journey through the Alps. Though wild and threatening, it is beautiful in its own right. But today, people travel to the Viamala just to see this. You may bring your kids along to let them discover the canyon and stories behind it.


7. Giessbach Falls and Hotel Giessbach, Brienz


The Giessbach brook tumbles in fourteen stages, over a length of 500 meters and out of the high valleys of the Faulhorn area down to Lake Brienz. Located at the foot of this natural wonder is the historic Grand Hotel Giessbach, which is accessible by means of Europe’s oldest funicular.

8. Reichenbach Falls and Rosenlaui—Sherlock Holmes, Meiringen


The Rosenlaui Glacier, located to the south of Meiringen, in the canton of Bern, is just a small area of only 6 square kilometers. But through this glacier, two beautiful natural attractions came into existence: Glacier Gorge Rosenlaui and the world-famous Reichenbach Falls.

9. Lake Toma—Source of the Rhine, Oberalppass


This calm lake near the Oberalp Pass has waters that flow clear and fresh into the valley. Lake Toma is considered to be the source of the Rhine. It is also the only river that flows through four continents yet can be crossed with a single step.

10. Schwarzsee, Fribourg Region


The Black Lake and the Voralpen are well-known vacation regions because of their authentic, wild, and romantic landscape. That includes the dark Black Lake and the Brecca Abyss, an Alpine valley formed by glaciers.


11. Alpinum Schatzalp—Alpine Flower Garden, Davos

These high-altitude flowers that are known to have originated from the Pyrenees, New Zealand, China, Nepal or Tibet also blooms in Switzerland. 3500 plant species and flower varieties can be found in the botanical garden Alpinum Schatzalp and they bloom from June to September.

12. Charmey, Fribourg Region


At the heart of the Gruyère region is Charmey, an unspoilt pre-alpine landscape in the canton of Fribourg where you can relax and get pampered in thermal baths available in the town.

13. Monte Generoso and Valle di Muggio,Capolago


Monte Generoso affords you a sweeping view of Northern Italy and Ticino and the opportunity to discover prehistoric cultures in the Bear Cave. Get a sense of the wide horizons of interstellar space in the astronomical observatory. You can also learn about various theme hikes on your visit to Monte Generoso.

14. Basel Zoo, Basel


Opened in 1874, the Zoological Gardens in Basel is also known as “Zolli” by the locals. It is also home to various indigenous and exotic animals.


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