These Unique Breakfast Solutions Will Brighten Your Day

These Unique Breakfast Solutions Will Brighten Your Day

The best thing in the morning when you wake up is breakfast, especially if you won’t have to fret about it. What awaits ahead of you is a long day and you definitely need to keep maintain your energy all throughout.

Now, you won’t have to worry about going out with an empty stomach. The life hacks below will definitely make you smile and chill, while giving you the solid start you need for your day – without the headache.

1. Breakfast Bars You Can Do Yourself

Breakfast bars are more expensive than what they’re truly worth. It’s much cheaper, easier, healthier (depends on what you throw in) and faster to do it yourself. Check out the recipe and see how they’re done.

2. Use That Microwave

Eggs in the microwave. Done in two minutes.

Microwaving saves you time, especially if it’s about your scrambled eggs. In only takes two minutes to microwave them and another two minutes to ingest them. This way, you’ll still have a minute to perform a happy dance. After that, you’re good to go and your breakfast only took five minutes! Grab the recipe here.

3. You Can Shred Butter, Too

Spreadable butter

Now, if you store your butter in the refrigerator (which is the only place you can store them), then you’ve been acquainted to the cold and hard reality of breakfast. Solution? Go get that trusty ol’ cheese grater and make yourself a pretty good butter sandwich as well as a good day. We don’t want any of the hardships hard butter is giving us.

4. Crispy Bacon Without the Grease

Cook Bacon in the Microwave Step 9 Version 2.jpg

There are a variety of ways to consume a bacon, but of course, we all know the proper way. Anyone who hasn’t tried a crispy bacon will find this technique of crisping very helpful. It allows the fat to drip off and it makes the errand finished quicker. For once, everyone at your house will now be in full agreement about eating the same dish. The full instructions here.


5. Deformed Pancakes No More


Deformed pancakes are very aggravating. You just want that perfectly round shape, but you could never get it right. Well, worry no more! Just put them in a neat, squeeze bottle and finally be free from any misshapen pancakes.


6. Deep Dish Omelette

This, right here, is an omelette for the gods. This thing is filled with so much protein, you won’t be needing that shake you were planning to make. You’ll never again experience the hassle of “mid-morning” starving.

7. Cheesy and Bacony Goodness

This bread has the word “gooey” all over it. It breaks apart once you bite it, and it’s oh so yummy goo will slowly seep into to your mouth. This can be eaten at any time of the day, but if you’re having it in the morning, it will totally be one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever experience. Get the complete recipe for this here.

8. The Toast that Will Change Your Life


This is a yummy twist to the all-time breakfast favorite, the eggs and toast. You’ll simply need to make a hole in the toast’s center, drop an egg in the hole, and voila! A whole new type of eggs and toast.


9. Waffled Tater


What’s a better way to enjoy your breakfast? By having a wonderful waffle tater. Just place your taters on a waffle maker and enjoy what breakfast should truly be about.

10. Pancakes and Apples for Breakfast

Not only will you be having a wonderful and tasty breakfast, you’ll also be keeping the doctor away. Just add fresh apples to your pancake mix and prepare to be blown away. Find the full recipe here.

11. A Crock Pot and Breakfast Working Together

Now, you’ll be able to finally get to your job on time and have an amazing French toast breakfast. Just use a crock pot and you will the best French toast ever.


12. Pancakes with Filling…Yummy!

You thought this was impossible? Well, you’re wrong. Breakfast will never be the same again with this coming to life. Get the full recipe here.

13. Just Gulp It Down

Remember that commitment you made to eat healthy and you brought along a yogurt cup for yourself, but you forget the spoon? Well, no worries! You can just gulp down your yogurt like a real boss!

14. The Endless Possibilities of Bacon


Now, isn’t this a paradise? You have your egg, cheese, and bacon all in one! This, right here, is scrumptious. Get the recipe and how this is done here.


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