This Guy Spends $75,000 to Become Madonna Impersonator

This Guy Spends $75,000 to Become Madonna Impersonator

Apparently, anyone can be a Material Girl, like this man who spent nearly $70,000 dollars to look like pop superstar Madonna.

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The Queen of Pop has many impersonators. Adam Daniel is just one of them. He claims to have performed 4,000 shows in the past 12 years. The 31-year-old impersonator performs as his alter ego Venus Delight. He says, “I spent practically my whole life, my whole wallet, all the money that’s been given to me to look like Madonna. I’ve had my cheeks implanted and my jaw done several times, I’ve had my chin done and I’ve had brow lifts and fillers. But it is so worth it because goddamn I look like Madonna.”


His closets at home in Los Angeles are full of copies of the popstar’s costumes from her Blonde Ambition days right up to her more covered-up dresses playing Evita.

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He was first drawn to the “Like a Virgin” singer as a teenager when he was struggling to deal with his true sexuality.

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