Twins Hold Hands after Birth

Inseparable Twins Hold Hands Shortly After Birth


At one glance, you will realize why this photo has gone so viral.

Inseparable Twins

The image was taken in a hospital in Northern Spain and it features twins that are holding hands shortly after birth.
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The twins, named Danel and Maria, were delivered via Caesarean section at a hospital in Gipuzkoa. While they were placed alongside of each other in an incubator, they suddenly started holding each other’s hands.

Twins Babies




Looking at the amazing video above, the twins might not have realized yet that they are no longer in the womb. They hold each other in a deep embrace that is truly heartwarming.

Doctor Javier Rodriguez, the doctor on staff, was quoted “They each looked different ways and yet they naturally joined hands.

He went on to say that the embrace was “instinctive” and that had never see anything like it. Luckily, some nurses were able to capture the moment and share it with the world through social media.

Since then, the twins have become somewhat of an internet sensation, and they still remain inseparable even to this day.

Baby Twins

Like Danel and Maria, Jenna and Jillian also held each other’s hand as they were being delivered, showing the real the connection between twins. These girls are rare “mono mono” twins, which means they share the same amniotic sac and placenta.

Newborn Babies

Twins being born holding each other’s hand isn’t the only rare phenomenon when it comes to siblings. There are still tons of cases of interracial twins being born with two different skin pigments, just like the story of Kian and Remee.

When you first look at them, you’d think they’re just ordinary sisters, but in reality these two are twins. The adorable pair owe their incredible appearance to a 1 in a million combination of their mom and dad’s genes. Their parents, Kylee Hodgson and Remi Horder, both have white mothers and black fathers.

Rare Twins
Happy Twins
Beatuiful twins

Although these girls share the same beautiful smile, they have distinct characteristics, such that one girl looks like an African American with big brown eyes, and the other one has fair white skin and blue eyes.

Twins with Ma and Pa
Happy Beautiful twins

Until their 7th birthday, the twins have never asked their why they don’t look the same, nor have they ever had to deal with any type of racism at school.

Twins with different passion


“They are such a perfect example of how it should be,” their mother told the press. “They are not bothered about their skin colour. It’s not the big issue everyone else seems to see it as. It isn’t important to them at all – it’s about what they’re like underneath.”

In Ohio, there is also one million-to-one twin that is becoming popular – Triniti and Ghabriael. They are the offspring of a white mother and a black father. Whenever people find out that they are actually twins, the family often gets questions and many stares.


“People ask, “How did it happen? Are you sure they are twins?” We get a lot of stares, and I am sure people make comments behind my back,”  29 year-old Khristi Cunningham told local news reporters. I don’t know how it happened. They are fraternal twins, so they aren’t any closer than if they had been born years apart. Ours just happen to have the same birthday,” she added.

Happy Family

Though they were born premature, arriving an astonishing 11 weeks early, they are both happy and healthy toddlers. In fact, Ghabriael is now the chubbier of the two, weighing 10 pounds more than his sister Triniti.

The twins below are also among the many cases of biracial twins in history. Their father is white (German) and the mother is mixed-raced (Jamacian and English). So, the reason they look different is obvious.

biracial twin


Below is Marcia and Millie, another biracial twin with an amazing story.

In another million to one chance, Marcia was born with the mom’s  lighter skin complexion and golden brown hair, while Millie takes after the girls’ dad– who is from Jamaica– with her tighter curls and darker skin.

Marcia and Millie

Their 42-year-old mother Amanda, says people still can’t believe the 2 are twin sisters – including their teachers at school.

Amanda, who is from Erdington, Birmingham, said: “When they were growing up Millie was more timid and clingy and if anyone came to say hello she would take a while to say anything, but over the last couple of years she has come out of her shell a bit. Marcia is a bit bossier and is a bit more outgoing – she’s a cheeky little monkey”.

Biracial twins

Everybody is always amazed by how beautiful the twins have become, and people still just can’t believe they’re related, let alone sisters. The girls father goes on to proudly say, “‘Whilst nurturing the special bond that exists between both girls as twins, we will also support each of them and anticipate their individual success.” The girls are now 9 years old and loving school.

Sister in arms

In Germany, another biracial twin was born – Leo and Ryan. One being light skinned and the other being predominately more dark skinned. They were the first set in Germany to prove to that twin brothers can have different colors of skin. In a bizarre twist of genetics, Ryan got his father’s light German complexion while Leo was born with his West African mother’s darker skin color.


Again, like we’ve heard before their doctors call these type of twins are one in a million. The odds for 1 fertilized egg cell to split and still separately acquire thesame  genetic make up of each parent so perfect is so rare that the German twins made headlines all over the world.


Another interracial couple was gifted with biracial twin boys as well – Orlando and Natalia. New mommy and daddy, Tracey-Ann and Andrew, knew when they were having identical twins, they wanted to treat them as their own person, as individuals but they never would have guessed how different their identical twins truly were.

Tracy and Andrew Balasco with baby twins Orlando and Natalia

Baby Orlando came out with blacker skin and lots of dark hair, and baby Natalia arrived 60 seconds later with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Tracey-Ann is pretty sure the twins’ different skin complexion is due to the generations of mixed race in her family and her husbands family. 28-year-old Andrew is half-Italian, and is dedicated to making sure they grow up and appreciate their multi-racial heritage and family history.

Orlando and Natalia

Twins with Mom

Tracey-Ann told reporters: “Right from the start we said we wouldn’t treat them as twins. We knew they weren’t identical but we want to make sure we call them by their names rather than ‘the twins’ to keep their individuality. Now because they look so different to each other, it will be easier for them to be individuals.”

In Romania, there is also a twin, who is making a buzz on social media, not because they held hands upon birth nor they are biracial. They were born in different years.

Catalin was born 2 month premature in December while Valentin was born 2 months later in February. This is possible because the mother had a rare congenital defect that left her with two uteruses. This is the first time in recorded history that a woman got pregnant in both wombs and gave birth two months apart.

Rare twins

Though there are only a few other cases of twins like any of these miracle twins  in the world, it still is the Universe’s  way of telling  the world that no race or color can deny that a group of people are a family.

Whether they’re identical twins or fraternal, interracial or not, we can all agree that babies can light up the room.

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