This House was Abandoned in the 1940’s

This House was Abandoned in the 1940’s

An abandoned family home that has remained untouched since the 1940s has gone up for sale and with it goes all its post-war contents. Queen Anne–style home, which is in Grange Farm, in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, England, once belonged to siblings Jack and Audrey Newton.

The siblings, who are now deceased, lived in the abandoned house together for more than seventy years and farmed the surrounding land until their late 80s. Since neither of them was married and didn’t have children nor have any living relatives to inherit their estate, the abandoned home was decided to be auctioned.

Let’s take a quick tour inside this old home and see what’s been sitting there for nearly eighty years.

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From the outside, Grange Farm looks like your typical 1800s farmhouse.

estate sale

valuable antiques

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This is Grange Farm

It was run by siblings Jack and Audrey Newton until their death.

Jack Newton with sister Audrey Newton


Time seemed to have stopped within the old farmhouse that once you step in, you feel like traveling back in time.

vintage house

1940s house

The entire house has become like a time machine, serving to take one back into the 40s

1940s house

A bedroom in the house with its old beds and arrangements.

The house's bedroom, with its old fashioned beds and arrangements

Here are some of the items displayed inside.

A display of items found inside the house

1940s house

It is more like a museum than a house, with countless treasures left just as where they were last seen, as if its owner just went out for a walk.

The house has become a natural museum

A typewriter that too will go under the hammer

All of these items found inside like this two man- and owl-shaped ornamental jugs were included in the auction.

Hand-held mirrors and a beauty kit found lying on the dresser like they would have been decades ago.

This equipment—antique binoculars sitting on the shelf—is waiting for its new owner too.

There were also teddy bears, dolls,  and a stuffed fox inside the house.

Teddies found inside the house


Dolls of the historic age found inside the house

A stuffed fox which too goes for sale along with the other items

Audrey was “very musical,” as proven by the recovered sheet music and instruments. Pat Ruck, who helped organize the auction, claims that the siblings welcomed the likes of Michael Crawford into their home during a short visit.

“Although they never married, they had interesting lives,” Pat said.

Music usually survives the toll of time, but for once, the musical instrument did too

1940s house

But the house is filled with more than just musical paraphernalia.

Many items more than the expected survived the tick of the clock thanks to the untouched house of the 40s

These jewelry items were foraged from inside the house.

Jewelry foraged from inside the house

In the kitchen was an old-fashioned stove and a set of pans that were built to last.

1940s house

1940s house

1940s house

Here’s another dig from the Grange Farm house, an amputation kit used during World War II. This one too goes under the hammer with the sale of the house.

The shocking World War II

“The house contents have not been touched since their late parents’ time. It’s a time warp of interesting items, curiosities, and even war memorabilia,’’ Ruck said in an interview. 

That being said, the house would indeed be like this century’s version of a time machine.

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