This Soldier Had a Huge Surprise For His Wife and Newborn Daughter

This Soldier Had a Huge Surprise For His Wife and Newborn Daughter

Brave military men and women are usually celebrated after they have served in a foreign country. But during their homecoming, we often forget to praise this soldier how much they have to sacrifice just to do their job.

Besting the risk of not coming back alive, these soldiers muster up their courage to leave their loved ones behind to lend their service to the country. Think about how you feel when you miss a couple of stuff with your friends and family when they are just a few miles away. Now try to imagine what soldiers on deployment have to miss out because they could not simply go home. They would always miss on weddings, graduations, birthdays, deaths, and even the birth of their own children.


For instance, Army National Guard soldier John Vorrath had learned that he would not be able to witness the birth of his first daughter as he was away on deployment in Afghanistan; and during that moment, he felt heartbroken. Even though he was able to watch the baby’s birth on an iPad, nothing could compare to the actual moment in the delivery room.

But he was determined to make the moment memorable. The next day, he surprised his wife, Janae. The homesick sergeant had traveled for twenty-two hours straight before he reached Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa, just to meet his new baby girl Charlotte for the first time.

It was a genuine family moment, which was captured in the following video.


Watch the amazing surprise for his family below


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