How to Make the Perfect Birthday Balloon Avalanche

How to Make the Perfect Birthday Balloon Avalanche

Who doesn’t love waking up to a ton of balloons on the morning of their birthday? Whether they’re just floating in your room, spread out all over the floor, OR filled with water! Have you ever thought of a balloon avalanche though? Well, maybe this year is the year to try it out!

The Balloon Avalanche by Simply Kelly Designs #birthday #balloons


  • 2 tall trash bags
  • 50¬†balloons
  • painters tape


Here’s the best part about this project, there really is no wrong way to do it. But here is the basis:

-Tear the trash bags in half so they become one large piece of tarp almost.

-Tape on flattened out trash bag to the front of your childs door.

-Start to tape the bottom of the other bag to the bottom of the other one creating a “pouch”

-It’s then you’ll start to fill up the pouch with balloons and tape the sides up as ¬†you go along…

-Make sure you dont tighten the sides too tight or your kid will have a hard time bursting through!


You can simply just “trap” your balloons against the door using streamers! This will create the avalanche as soon as your child opens the door!

The end result will differ each time you do it! Here are some really fun and creative ideas on how to do it.















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