These are the World’s Most Beautiful Banknotes

These are the World’s Most Beautiful Banknotes


For some, paper money is something essential for survival. It is used to pay for man’s basic necessities, which include food, water, clothes, and shelter. Despite its many uses, only a few appreciate the designs of these banknotes. So below, we present you a collection of some of the most beautifully-designed banknotes from all over the world that were once or are still in circulation:

Barbados (Barbadian Dollar) banknotes

Barbadian Dollar banknotes


Cook Islands (Cook Islands Dollar)


Cook Islands Dollar banknotes


Germany (Deutsche Mark)

Deutsche Mark banknotes





Switzerland (Swiss Franc)


untitled banknotes


Australia (Australian dollar)




Myanmar (Burmese Kyat)

Burmese Kyat banknotes





Poland (Polish złoty)

Polish złoty banknotes


Uzbekistan (Uzbekistani som)

Uzbekistani som


Iceland (Icelandic króna)




South Africa (South African Rand)

South African rand


Netherlands (Dutch guilder)

Dutch guilder


Paraguay (Paraguayan guaraní)




Italy (Italy Lira)

Italian lira (pre Euro)


Canada (Canadian Dollar) 


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