The Most Insane Things People Did to Get Back at Cheating Partners

The Most Insane Things People Did to Get Back at Cheating Partners

In any relationship, having a cheating partner is possibly the worst thing that can happen other than contracting a terminal illness or sudden death. But did you know that infidelity is much more common than you think? In a recent study by Divorce Magazine of American married couples, it was found out that 45 to 50 percent of married women and 50 to 60 percent of married men commit adultery. And that statistic is just for legally married couples. For boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and partners who live together, it would not be incorrect for us to assume that the statistics are just as serious. Numbers aside, the point we’re trying to make is that infidelity is more widespread than we think it is. For instance, you might have known of somebody yourself who got cheated on by their partner. Or, worse, you might have been the one cheated on.

These stories of men and women who got fooled by their romantic partners will amaze you at the incredible way they handled the situation and got back at their cheating partner:

This girl who posted about her partner’s betrayal in a Facebook review

Cheating Partners

The wife of Southampton athlete Charlie Austin didn’t let her hurt get in the way of her getting revenge when she found out her husband was cheating on her. She immediately logged on to Facebook and posted a scathing “review” of her partner’s mistress, who happened to be her hairdresser!

The husband who also used Facebook to get back at his cheating partner

Cheating Partners

Dustin Holloway of Emory, Texas did the same thing when he caught his girlfriend with another man. Instead of losing his cool, he got out his camera, took numerous pictures of the two, and posted it on Facebook along with a scathing expose of the two. He wrote, “When you come home to find another man in bed with the woman you loved. Good men deserve good women.”

The woman who exposed her boyfriend to the whole community

Unlike the previous two who were content with just posting on Facebook, a woman by the name of Linda from Warwickshire took sweet revenge on her philandering and cheating partner by having posters made detailing her partner’s affair. She then exposed him to the whole community by putting up the signs on posts all over the neighborhood!

The man who sold all of his cheating wife’s belongings

When a man discovered that his wife had cheated on him with her personal trainer and had run away with him, he did the ultimate revenge on her by gathering all her personal belongings such as her clothes and selling them on eBay. He even went to the extent of selling her car! In the description of one of his posts, he said, “Only selling as my wife has left me” and “I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for.” 

Cheating Partners

These stories are proof that stories about infidelity need not end sadly and tragically on the part of the one being cheated on. 

If you’re in a relationship or marriage and you’re having doubts about your partner’s faithfulness, you need not end up like the people who shared these stories, who had to find out about it by accident or completely out of the blue. Don’t ignore what your intuition is telling you, and don’t be blindsided by a cheating spouse. Short of hiring a private investigator, you can confirm your serious suspicions by investing in a GPS tracker. A tracking device is a helpful tool you can use to determine whether your spouse is where he says he is as it is capable of tracking the exact whereabouts of any person in real time. It offers accurate location information at regular intervals of ten, thirty, or sixty seconds, depending on which setting you choose.

But that’s not all that a tracker can do. It has other features too that can prove helpful to you in monitoring your partner, like an audio monitoring capability that enables you to listen in discreetly to the immediate environment of your spouse or a geofencing feature that allows you to set geographical boundaries or zones and sends out alerts the moment your partner ventures outside of those zones.

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