John Cena Holds Title for Most Wishes Granted with 450 and Counting

John Cena Holds Title for Most Wishes Granted with 450 and Counting


This is how Wikipedia defines wrestling: a combat sport involving grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins, and other grappling holds. By the sound of it, you would expect it to be quite intense—and even bloody. And one would generalize that wrestlers are all big in size, strong, and have to be aggressive and angry all the time. Well the first three can be true, but the last one, a wrestler wants to tell you otherwise.

That’s John Cena—you must have heard of this name. Even if you’re not a fan of wrestling, since he has been doing the sport for ten years now and has even appeared in movies like Ready to Rumble (2000), The Marine (2006), and Legendary (2010), his name wouldn’t be new to you.

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John Cena

Because of his build, people would get the impression that he’s a man who always picks up a fight. But behind a big name is a guy with a big heart. John Cena, in his free time, visits kids with cancer and participates in charity works.

John Cena with a kid

Cena is a member of Make-a-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization that arranges experiences to children suffering from life-threatening conditions in the United States and its territories, on average, every 38 minutes. And John Cena is said to have granted over 450 wishes, the highest number of requests completed by a single personality. Below are more pictures of John Cena granting wishes through Make-a-Wish Foundation.

John Cena with a kid






John Cena with a kid

John Cena with a kid
John Cena signing autograph
John Cena with a sick kid






In 2009, Cena was awarded the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award because of the time and effort he invests in granting the wishes of kids around the country.

Cena was awarded the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award

This guy with big body-build truly keeps a big heart inside. No wonder he drives a lot of people to follow and admire him. Good job, John!

John Cena with old woman

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