Kid Uses Life Savings to Feed the Homeless


The innocence of a child can be sometimes amazing and eye-opening.

One Saturday morning, a child walked into his dad’s room and told him that he wanted to use his savings of $120 to help the less fortunate. His dad was shocked and amused. He then asked his son what he had in mind, and the kid replied that he wanted to make them lunch.

He almost tried to talk the boy to just keep his money for himself, and instead, they will provide the money for it. However, he knew that his son would feel a lot better doing his part, so he agreed with the plan.

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The father and son then worked together to prepare the lunch baggies — the boy stuffed the bag with chocolates, oranges, chips, and chewy bars, while his dad made the sandwiches.


At the end, they have produced a total of 50 lunches, ready to be distributed to the homeless.






It doesn’t matter how old you are to help or how small it is. What matters is the heartfelt effort, and seeing the joy into someone’s eyes.


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