These 25 Cool And Unique Ring Designs Will Make You Stand Out From the Rest

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The act of giving finger rings is not a modern custom as you think it is. This practice actually dates back as far as 6,000 years ago. There are many different reasons behind people’s fondness for rings. A person may wear a ring as an identification of his social status or to signify which clan he belongs. Kings always wear their ring on the index fingers while Mafia members put rings on their little fingers. One of our fingers is even called the “ring finger” due to the worldwide wedding tradition.

Before, there were many rules and constraints of when, how, and who can wear which and what rings. Over the years, these constraints have faded, except for royalties. Rings have become more of a self-expression rather than a kind of insignia of some sort.

Today, everyone can choose from countless of ring designs for them to wear. But let us take a look at the most creative and unusual rings available in the market these days. Which of these innovative rings will you put on your finger?

Brass Lighter Ring

Designer: Monserat de Lucca

I (Thou) Ring

A ring that can let you wear your wedding vows or love letter. Designer:: One Origin Jewelry

Creative Rings by Smiling Silver Smith

Designer: Smiling Silver Smith

Like Signet Ring

Designer: Lindsey Snell

Nut and Bolt Wedding-Ring

304 Stainless Steel Rings Nut Metric Threaded Eyed Nuts and Ring Shape Eye Bolts M6 Pack Of 2

Designer: Kiley Granberg

I LOVE YOU in Braille

Spell I LOVE YOU in braille.Designer: Eva Bruggman


Designer: Greg Sims

Ring Thing Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Ring

A ring that doubles as a handy bottle opener. Designer:StuffJunction

Unique Jewelry for DJs

Designer: Darkloud Silver

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