Man Rescues Baby Deer Sinking in Mud Using an Excavator

Man Rescues Baby Deer Sinking in Mud Using an Excavator

One day, Bill Davis went out to check the construction site where he worked at after receiving an alert of a possible intrusion in the site. To his surprise, instead of trespassers, Bill saw two young deer trying to stay afloat in the sludge.

It was almost impossible to recognize the animals because they were already covered in mud that they easily blended in the dirt. They already looked weary that if Bill didn’t come on time, they might probably have drowned.

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The fawn slowly sinking in the mud

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To be able to rescue the young deer, Davis instantly asked help from an excavator operator.

The first deer gets rescued

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While the excavator was operating the machine, Davis filmed the whole thing.

The first video shows the recovery of the first deer. The second video shows the rescue of the second deer.

Earth Touch News Network said that the two yearlings are likely to survive the ordeal because they are old enough to eat plants.


It’s such a relief to see that the second deer safe too

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Davis said that to make sure that the deer didn’t come back and sink in the sludge again, Davis kept coming back to the construction site.

He revealed, “I didn’t sleep much [after the rescue]. All I could think about was those little guys getting stuck again and not finding mama! I’m out there looking to make sure the babies didn’t come back to the mud.”

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