Marnie the Parrot Will Brighten Your Day

Marnie the Parrot Will Brighten Your Day


It is easy to understand why parrots have always been everyone’s subject of fascination.

Aside from their colorful and sometimes otherworldly features, they are also gifted not only with unique voice and ability to mimic human voices but they are also capable of engaging in human speech. One such perfect example is Marnie the Parrot. This blue Indian ring neck parrot has charmed netizens all over the world with his talent of engaging in a conversation like any human being.

According to his owners, aside from Marnie’s gift of speech, his one of a kind look is the result of a mutation of an Indian ringeck parakeet. Despite the fact that they are often classified as a parakeets, they are nonetheless parrots.

The video which you will see below showcases Marnie conversing with his owner like two friends hanging out in the park.








Marnie is seen flying into the room and smoothly landing on his owner’s shoulder before the two start talking. Marnie the Parrot greets her first and asks her, “What are you doing?”

After a lengthy conversation, Marnie gives his owner an affectionate note at the end and says, “I love you.” His owners says that this natural talker is also quite a Casanova.

To get to know more about this impressive flying delight, here is a collection of his amazing videos.


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