Mind-Blowing Contortionist Acts You Shouldn’t Miss

Mind-Blowing Contortionist Acts You Shouldn’t Miss


Flexibility comes quite naturally in human beings.

However, there are just some individuals who are unusually flexible than the typical human beings and they are popularly known as contortionists. A contortionist is the name used to refer to persons who perform the art of twisting or bending their bodies into unusual shapes.

Their inhuman flexibility is a widely recognized street art that focuses on their extreme flexibility. Some of these notable acts include acrobatic and circus acts that are typically performed in front of a live audience. A common characteristic of a typical contortionist’s performance is their use of incorporating elements of drama, comedy and other genre in their acts.






Generally there are two kinds of contortionists – the front benders and the back benders and these classifications depends solely on where their spine is most flexible. Being a contortionist holds high esteem particularly in the countries of Russia and Mongolia.

Some of the most notable contortionists known in the world are  Alexey I. Goloborodko, Irina Kazakova and Bonnie Morgan.


Check out this mind blowing compilation of contortionists and their astonishing acts.


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