Miniature Horses Drastically Reducing in Number

Miniature Horses Drastically Reducing in Number


The Quicksilver Ranch is a home and a hidden paradise for many tiny little horses. Though their numbers are decreasing, their size remains as is – miniature.

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Quicksilver Ranch

According to a staff member named Maria Arias, for over 30 years, the owners of the ranch Aleck and Louise Stribling, were able to breed miniature horses, but it seems that they are having a big problem. With the number of horses they are taking care of, they find it hard to manage and take care of all of them. As of the most recent count, there were 30 in the herd. Hence, they are planning to cut it down to around 20.

For 12 years, the Striblings produced world-class horses. In fact, they opened the ranch to the public for 15 years already. They even sell open mares, stallions and yearlings at around $1000 to $2500. In a year, they are able to sell at least 25 – 30 horses.

One Year Old Baby Running and Playing with Miniature Horse

With their aim of reducing the number of horses in the herd, the Stribling’s favorite horses are to be kept on the property. They make sure they leave those horses that are excellent for breeding. As of the moment, there are no plans of breeding.

For a horse to be classified as a miniature, it should be less than 34 inches tall. The miniature horses may be small in build, but they are still identical to their original counterparts. They are not ponies or dwarf varieties as well.

Miniature Horse Does Dog Tricks

mini horse
miniature horse




Miniature horses have been bred down for 300 years. They came from horses with small sizes and distinct features. They are also gentle, patient and easy to handle. Although they are small, they can still pull a cart or a wagon that is up to 10 times their weight.
miniature horse

Quicksilver Ranch is open to all visitors from 10am to 3pm. However, group tours are no longer offered. There isn’t much in the ranch besides green pastures and views of the horses, but still, visitors can get up close and personal with these miniature horses for free.

mini horse

In 1983, Quicksilver Ranch was first established. Here, the horses are all fed with premium Alfafa hay. In order to feed a single miniature horse, one has to spend $30 a month. Even if grazing is not that important, it can be of great help to their digestive system.

mini horse

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