Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff Sells for 1.5 Million

Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff Sells for 1.5 Million


Recently an 1 year old Red Tibetan Mastiff named Hong Dong, which translates in English to ‘Big Splash’ was sold for whopping $1.5 million ( 10 million yuan in China ) to a very rich man from China.

This type of Tibetan Mastiff puppy is known in the K-9 world as the ” perfect specimen” and  man who previous owned the pup,Lu from “Tibetan Mastiff Garden”, estimates that the newest parent to Big Splash could make some serious money off the dog. Lu claims that the new owner could get back his investment in the dog in just a couple of years by renting him out to other dog breeders for as much as 100,000 yuan which converts to 16,297.20 American dollars.

However, even though that is a great deal of money, the Chinese multimillionaire that bought him didn’t purchase him to “rent him out.” He has purchased the pup as a the ultimate status symbol. The puppy will be treated like a king and the owner has told reporters that he will spare no expense to provide the greatest home, treatment and care of him for as long as he lives.

The Tibetan Mastiff requires specific, special treatment because when he is finally full grown, he  can weight up to 300lb,  – the same as a football player.

Closest Thing to a Lion That You Can Legally Own

While these big, fluffy k-9’s ARE cute, they do have some pretty unattractive tendencies.

Dark Tibetan Mastiff Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff

They have very protective instincts that are firmly ingrained in their DNA. When you own a dog like this you must make sure they have ongoing socialization with other dogs, constant supervision and control to prevent any unwanted aggression towards other animals or people

Red Carpet Hair Style Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff  also has a very strong-willed mind of his own which means they require a confident owner who can take charge at any given time.

As with any other dogs, these big ol’ puppies come with the typical barking, slobbering and heavy shedding. But if you’re willing to pay over $1 Million for a dog, those things are probably the least of your worries.

Cuteness Overload
Friendly and Lazy Tibetan Mastiff Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff




growing tibetan mastiff Worlds Most Expensive Dog: Tibetan Mastiff

Get to know more about this amazing dog breed in the videos below.


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