Molten Lava Flows into the Ocean

Molten Lava Flows into the Ocean


Volcano eruptions are always mesmerizing to watch. This phenomenon is one of nature’s tour de force of power and destruction. But while volcanic eruptions causes destruction, they are also one of the few causes of formation of new land masses.

While we see volcanic eruptions and lava flows on TV, it is quite a different experience to watch it up close. Because of the dangers of getting too close to the molten lava, few raw video footage are available. But there are daredevil photographers who braved the dangers to get a raw video footage of flowing lave of Hawaii’s Kilauea entering the waters.

Here are some the beautiful photos of molten lava entering the ocean in Hawaii.




Beauty: Hawaii is an collection of volcanic islands located over a geological 'hot spot' in the Central Pacific







Fierce: Great clouds of steam fill the horizon as a lava flow winds its way to the sea




Stunning: The rising steam from the eruptions creates a rainbow across the evening sky

Contrast: The bright light of the lava, accentuated by a long exposure, sets of the grey of the water in the Hawaiian dusk


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