Mom with Rare Skin Condition That Makes Her Look Older Gets $70,000 Face-Lift

Mom with Rare Skin Condition That Makes Her Look Older Gets $70,000 Face-Lift

Having suffered from the difficulties her condition caused her, mom Tracey Gibson was saddened when she found out that her daughter Zara Hartshorn inherited what is cutis laxa, a rare disease characterized by wrinkling of the skin, making the patient look like decades older than her actual age.

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Because of the rare skin condition, Zara, who is now 18, once looked like she’s 50 years older than her age. She had to undergo face-lift at 16 to achieve a younger look, accompanied by fillers and neck-lift. Following the steps of her daughter, Tracey also underwent face-lift, which cost almost $70,000, to restore her 45-year-old beauty.

Both Tracey and her daughter experienced bullying because of their appearance, but they said the surgical procedures made their life easier. Tracey once applied for cosmetic surgery on the NHS, but she was rejected. She was very happy to receive a call from doctors abroad, saying they would give her free surgery.

It was a very huge opportunity for her since she’s jobless and only lives off her disability allowance.

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Tracey have seven children, and three of them have inherited her rare condition. And she shared that it’s painful to see her kids getting bullied because of it.

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Tracey’s son, Tommy, 26, and other daughter, Jolene, 25, both suffer from  lipodystrophy, but Zara happened to have the most severe case.

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