Netherland’s Flower Route Is the Real Heaven on Earth

Netherland’s Flower Route Is the Real Heaven on Earth


Flowers do not bloom for nothing. They are there to lighten our days up. You know it, sometimes when we’re just so down we want the soil to just eat us up, staring at something that is brightly colored paints a smile on our faces. Of course, it doesn’t work for everybody (especially those who are allergic to flowers). But for some of us, it is a remedy that has worked more times than we ever imagined.

The people in Netherlands pretty much know how effective flowers are in cheering up those in their hard times, so they did something that caught the attention of the whole world. Running twenty-five miles from the northernmost point of the Bollenstreek Route soing south to Leiden, there lies a huge field of flowers, which they call Bloemen Route, which basically translates to Flower Route.




This idea proves that Dutch have been so attached to the sight of flowers since the first tulip was planted in their soil in 1593. In April and May, when the flowers reach their climax, the whole field turns into a haven of astonishing group of plants in different colors. The flowers can be tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, and daffodils. The sight can beat a real rainbow.




Another flowery sight is the Keukenhof or the Garden of Europe, as most people call it. It is a flower garden, the largest in the world, that is situated in Lisse, Netherlands. It is filled with millions of flower bulbs that are annually planted by the caretakers. It covers an area of 32 hectares.




A drive in the long highway has never been as relaxing. But if you are done visiting the Flower Route, you can still visit a lot of famous tourist spots in Netherlands like the Anne Frank House, Madurodam, and the Rijksmuseum. Indeed, this country is more than just a country with a fast-growing economy.



See more of Netherland’s flowery beauty with the videos below.


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