Oddly Shaped Pool Tables That are Fun to Play On

Oddly Shaped Pool Tables That are Fun to Play On

Pool, cue or billiards is one of the great past-time sports of all time.Dating back from 1340s, the sports of billiards have a long and rich history. The sport is even mentioned by Shakespeare in his “Antony and Cleopatra.”

There are many variants of the sport which includes snooker (no holes), pool (e.g. 8-balls, 9-balls), and snooker or English billiards. Mainly, cue is played on a rectangular table, twice as long as they are wide. Usual tables have three holes in each sides.

But there are other kinds of pool tables. A proof that if you give a man too much free time, he could create some weirdly and amusing things. Seeing an L-shaped pool table, made me go to Google and search what other “billiardy” nonsense was out there. Here are some of the most amusing weird-shaped and designed cue tables in the world.

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Pick up pool table for billiards of the go.

VW camper pool table

Bumper pool /bar billiard / pin ball all-in-one

Glass bed pool table … This actually looks cool.

The infamous L-shaped pool table.


Circular Pool – No more corner pocket shots

Triangle Cue Table

Elongated Table

Elongated Octagon



Zig-zag, it does exist!



Coffin for those who loved cue to death!

Ice Sculpture Pool Table

Ice Sculpture Pool Table

Balmoral Pool/Dining Table

Balmoral Pool Table

Pool Ball Hangers “the original” TM by John Wages

billard un peu bizard

Cléon Daniel’s Banana Pool Table and Corner Ladder

Cléon Daniel's Banana Pool Table and Corner Ladder » Curbly | DIY Design Community

Internals of the Automotive Pool Table for Grease Monkeys

“Pool” Table

Pool Table

Interactive Billiard Table

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