BSR Cable Park’s Exciting Royal Flush Super Slide

BSR Cable Park’s Exciting Royal Flush Super Slide


A new park in Texas is making headlines because of its breathtaking Royal Flush Super Slide.

While temperatures are rising this summer, many tourists are looking out for ways to keep cool. And that means, they need lots of time in the water.




Located in Waco, Texas, the BSR Cable Park hopes to bring fun and excitement to guests this summer with their newest feature, the Royal Flush. Unlike any other water slides that drops a person straight into the water, the Royal Flush throws them up at the bottom of its 100-foot slide.

There are three slides in the park, each of them have varying launch heights. The tallest slide allows anyone to perform different aerial stunts, such as backflips and dives, before they land in the 12-foot-deep pool.




There is no requirement in using the slide. It only costs $15 per day. However, riders are required to sign a waiver before getting on the slide.

Aside from the Royal Flush, the BSR Cable Park has other exciting attractions, such as the Bi-level Lake, the Lazy River, and rent cabins.


Check out these videos of fun attractions at BSR Cable Park:


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