This Old Lady Took an Old Shipping Container and Transformed

This Old Lady Took an Old Shipping Container and Transformed

“Old Lady House” isn’t actually what you are currently imagining as a cozy cottage for an elderly woman. This home is designed by Adam Kalkin who used shipping containers to build the modern home.

Located in Califon, New Jersey, the Old Lady House stands at two standard containers, which spread also out over three. The sides of the house are built entirely out of glass.

Its marvelous design combines an industrial look and nature-inspired features. All of the surfaces and décor, including the concrete floor, glass sliding doors, huge glass panes, and stainless steel columns and beams, are specifically constructed to fit with its natural surroundings.

Materials such as mahogany have also been used for the sliding doors, while fir covers the floor of the smaller rooms of the house like the pantry, the laundry room, and the half-bath.




The living room of the Old Lady House shares a kitchen, with an island that measures 12 feet in length. The ample space allows the occupant to have a stunning view of every angle of the house. The kitchen provides a sight of the forest while the owner prepares and cooks the food.

In close proximity to the kitchen are two large sofas, which sit directly on the cozy fireplace that offers warmth during the winter as the snow falls on the woodland at night.




You would have imagined that the interiors of a shipping container would only look ugly and disastrous, but Adam cleverly hid the corrugation behind the drywall. From an inside perspective, you would never even notice that you are living inside a shipping container.

Nonetheless, the exterior of the shipping containers have been restored with a rustic paint to blend perfectly with the woodsy setting.









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