These May Look like Expensive Works of Art-cakes…

These May Look like Expensive Works of Art-cakes…


It doesn’t matter if it’s just a regular Tuesday or if it’s World Baking Day (May 17th), it doesn’t make any sense if you only eat some cake if it’s occasional. It may be possible that you satiate your sweet tooth by consuming cup-cakes, cookies or pies, but will those pastries really bring out the artist inside you? It can’t and never will! Allow this stupendous cakes motivate and inspire you to get your personal masterpiece be baked in the kitchen!

You need to ensure to dress your cake properly regardless of your choice of flavor, be it red velvet, Funfetti, coconut, or chocolate. Icing will be fine, but if you plan to participate in the prestigious leagues of cake design, you’re going to need to stock up on the fondant. You’ll also need to take some baking lessons, or watch a couple (or hundreds) of “How To” YouTube flicks.

These astounding cakes really took the design game too seriously… but in an awesome way! Seriously, the creators of these intricate cakes must have MFAs. But, you don’t have to be daunted because this list also has a few of simpler concepts which, according to the directions, you can achieve at home. You’ll believe it once you see it for yourself.

Despite the level of difficulty that you want to set for yourself with your cake decorating and baking skills, be sure to take a look at this list of amazing cakes prior to getting started. Don’t forget to commend the coolest and craziest designs that you think took the cake!

Dragon Cake

Even Khaleesi would eat this incredible dragon cake.


KFC Cake

This KFC cake from Pauls Creative Cakes looks just like the real thing!


Doge Cake

Tattooed Bakers nails it again with this meme-tastic creation. Much sweeter and very icing-ier!


Finding Nemo Cake

Here’s Nemo, at home on this Finding Nemo Cake by Cake Central.


Olaf Cake

This-inspired cake hopefully won’t melt like Olaf does.Cakes Decor put this one together.


Amelanistic Burmese Python Cake

Take a bite out of this Python cake before it bites you! Yikes! Thanks to North Star Cakes for this fright!


Three-Tiered Tie-Dye Pleated Cake

This wedding cake is a work of watercolor tie-dye art. Melonie Stanger of For Goodness Cakes created this one.



Flip Flops Cake

Betty Crocker’s recipe for this flip flop cake is super easy. All you need is Fruit by the Foot for the laces.


Alice in Wonderland Cake

You might not want to EAT this Alice in Wonderland cake by Antonella Di Maria Torte & Design. It’s too amazing!


Swiss Wheel of Cheese Cake

This is a new twist on cheesecake! This Swiss Wheel of Cheese Cake was made by Cakecrumbs.


Mario Piranha Plant

You wouldn’t want to stamp out this this Mario Piranha Plant cake by KrissyCakes. Eat it before it eats you!


The Dissected Cake

Conjurer’s Kitchen conjured up this dissected cake. It might be too realistic to eat…


Where the Wild Things Are Cake

This wild cake from Charm City Cakes is definitely Where the Wild Things Are


Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, have this cake! You can make it with directions from Tablespoon. Maybe just wait until after the real turkey is carved so you don’t confuse anyone.




Death Star Cake

This homage to the dark side was created by Cake Central.


Metallica Cake

This is what every Metallica fan wants for his birthday! Sassie Cakes put this one together for Justin.


Beauty and the Beast Cake

This Beauty and the Beast Cake by Coolest Birthday Cakes is made complete by the rose in the glass.


Dinosaur Bones S’mores Cake

What dinosaur-loving kid (or adult) wouldn’t love this Dinosaur Bones S’more Cake from Not Starving Yet?


Starry Night Cake

This Vincent Van Gogh-inspired cake is a work of art in and of itself.


Slice Cake

This skin cake by Gillian Bell is a little disturbing, but so totally awesome.




Halloween Mosaic Cake

The Mosaic Queen definitely earned her title with this Halloween Mosaic cake.


Life-Size Bride Cake

For his sake, we hope the real thing is as sweet as this cake.


Wild Turkey Cake

The Flour Garden made this amazing Wild Turkey grooms cake.


Kim Kardashian Cake

This cake (another from Tattooed Bakers) could definitely #BreaktheInternet.


James Bond Cake

James Bond Cake. This confection by Mike’s Amazing Cakes is the perfect wedding cake for a James Bond loving duo.


Unicorn Cake

It doesn’t get much more magical than this colorful creation from Art2Eat Cakes.


Dinosaur Cake

Crazy Cakes makes one of the meanest (and most delicious) cakes around.


Library Cakes

This Library Cake from Kathy Knaus is unbelievable! We’d go to this library any day!




Candyman Cakes

This candy-covered confection from The Solvang Bakery is sure to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth.


Groot Cakes

I am Groot! Tattooed Bakers put together this guardian of the Galaxy


M Rainbow Pinata Cakes

The.Simple.Cook shows you how to make this M&M Rainbow Pinata Cake. It’s filled will M&M’s too!


Strawberry Surprise Cakes

This Strawberry Surprise cake is full of surprises and strawberries! Tablespoon even has a recipe for you to make your own.


Ratatouille Cakes

We don’t mind Remy stirring this… A Ratatouille cake was created by SugarEd.


Toy Story 3 Cakes

That isn’t a cardboard box that your fave Toy Story characters are popping out of – that’s cake! Iced Over Cakes in London made this one.




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