Optical Illusions That Are So Incredible …You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Optical Illusions That Are So Incredible …You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

There are times when optical illusions are done so well that they will literally blow your mind and leave you in a daze. In fact, you will be so bewildered by how they play tricks with your vision and your intellect that you will find yourself trying it over and again.

To show you what we mean, here are just the most amazing optical illusions you will ever see in your lifetime.

Now, You See Her Young…Then, You’ll See Her Old

In this illusion, you will see two women fused together. There is an old woman with a shawl draped on her shoulders and young woman dressed in classy clothes. If you cannot find the old woman in one glance, try looking at the chin of young woman for some time and you will soon see her make an appearance.

This Sentence that Looks Simple Yet Suspicious at the Same Time

Check out the sentence above. Then, read it again. Did you notice something this time around? There are times when our brains go weird on us and filter out words that are repeated in a sentence. Because of this, everything we read might have repeated words in them and we will never see it the first time we go through them.


These Dots that Seemingly Blink On and Off

This picture presents an illusion that will make you feel like you are staring at a GIF. However, it is a photo that does not move at all. Known as the Scintillating grid, this illusion can better be seen when you are positioned closer to your computer’s screen.

This Hybrid Known as the Duck-Rabbit

If you will look closer at this sketched optical illusion, you will have a problem deciding whether this animal is closer to Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? However you may this photo though, you can definitely say that this is one cute hybrid.

These Gray Boxes That’ll Trick You Right Off

These boxes are shaded with the same hue of gray. Don’t believe us? Place your finger over the line that separates the two boxes. Now, you see it, right?


These Stars that Vanish Right Before Your Eyes

If you will look at the black dot at the center of the four stars for a while, you will soon see the stars disappear. Try it.

This Scientist Is Not Who You Think He Is

If you will look at this image, you will see it as a usual photo of the famous scientist Albert Einstein. However, if you will take yourself ten feet away from the photo, it will suddenly transform into an image of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Did you ever think you could mistake these two for each other?


This Elephant Just Has Too Many Legs

If you will look at the elephant in the image above, you will see that it seems to have eight legs, just like that of a spider. However, the longer you will stare at the photo, you will find it more difficult to see where the real legs really are and which ones are part of the illusion.

This Cat Who’s Stuck to His Enemy

If you will look at this cat closely, you will see something on its face. It may just be its nose or it may be something else entirely. It’s really up to your perception, as is the case of most optical illusions.

The Face You Can See in Two Ways

Looking at the man in the image above, you can’t probably decide if he is looking straight at you or if he is facing sideways and all you can see is his profile. You will probably have a hard time getting the answer to this.


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