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Police Officer Sends Shoplifting Mom Home with Free Groceries


Our police officers are there to help us, trained and paid to arrest criminals, put them in jail, and ensure they will not do anything bad again. A lady police officer had the same goal, but she made it happen the most touching way possible.

When mother-of-three Jessica Robles from Miami, Florida, ran out of ways to feed her children after her boyfriend lost his job and federal assistance got cut off due to paperwork issues, she opted to steal groceries from a store.

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Jessica Robles

The store employees knew this and immediately alerted the police. When Miami Dade Police officer Vicki Thomas caught Robles, she gave her a misdemeanor citation, a warning not to do it again, and a hundred-dollar worth of groceries.

Vicki Thomas

Arnais, Robles’s daughter, spoke of their poverty and said, “(With) my brother in the dirt, hungry and asking for food, and we have to tell him, ‘There is nothing here.’”

Robles Child

Knowing the suffering her children was having, Robles said that when she went out of the house that day, she had to come back with something for her children to eat. She didn’t know that she’d make it happen with the help of an officer who was supposed to send her to precinct.

Thomas, an officer for twenty-three years and a mother herself, said that she did it because she believed that arresting her would not solve her problem.




When some people from Miami knew of the story, they helped out and gave Robles $700 more to buy stuff that her family needed. She even got a new job! John Challenor from asked Robles to have her résumé printed and hired her as a customer service representative.

Called by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres

After the story about what she did went viral, Vicki Thomas got calls from Ellen DeGeneres herself and Steve Harvey to appear on their show.

This police officer’s love for what she is doing and the people she is working for extends beyond the rules of her job. This just shows that there are still kind hearts out there, willing to help people solve their problems whatever it takes.

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