Wild Baltimore Riot

Heartening Moments Amid Wild Baltimore Riot Caught on Cam


It was April 27, 2015, when unrest broke out in the US city of Baltimore. It started from people’s mixed reaction to the fate of twenty-five-year-old African American resident Freddie Gray who died while held under police custody.

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Since that Monday, riots and many kinds of protests have nestled on the streets of Baltimore. The whole world is following this series of events that have gone bad enough to drive Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to put the area in a state of emergency.

But behind the commotion came out various photos that depict some heartwarming moments happening amid the unwanted incident. Check some of these viral photographs below.

This kid was captured handing out bottles of water to the policemen in riot gear.

Act of kindness: This little boy was pictured handing out water bottles to police in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, following a night of violent riots 




This video, on the other hand, shows a man pushing back the crowd while repeatedly yelling, “Do not give them a reason!” He prevented a group of people who seemed ready to attack the officers.

After every night of violence, some residents were photographed cleaning the mess created by the residents involved in the riots.


Members of the clergy did not keep their silence and instigated a march, calling to stop the violence.

A clip also shows a mother berating his sixteen-year-old son and dragging him out of the scene. When asked why she did that, the mom, identified as Toya Graham, said, “I didn’t want him to be a Freddie Gray.”

These are just some of the touching moments captured amidst the violence enveloping the city of Baltimore. Nevertheless, everyone is hoping that this will end and that there are no more injuries and other unwanted circumstances to be reported the next few days.

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