Record Breaking Woman Runs 100 meters in High Heels

Record Breaking Woman Runs 100 meters in High Heels

Running in high heels is not an easy feat to accomplish. While most women run in high heels to catch the morning bus to work, Julia Plecher from Germany is running in heels for a totally different reason, that is to win a spot in the renowned Guinness World Records.

From Ruckersdorf in Brandenburg, Germany, eighteen year old  Julia took home the title as the fastest 100 meters run in high heels (female) with a requirement of at least 7 cm stilettos and 1.5 cm wide at the tip. With her shiny golden heels, Julia run 100 meters at the Europa Park, Rust, Germany in 14.531 seconds.





Before Julia was featured in Guinness World Book of Records 2014, she also participated in high-heeled races before. In 2009, she joined the Stiletto run in central Berlin where she wore a pair of 8.5 heels and won the race.





Watch the video of Julia Plecher running in high heels and earning the spot in the Guinness World Record like a piece of cake.



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