These 21 Photos Prove that Reptiles Can Be Cute Too

These 21 Photos Prove that Reptiles Can Be Cute Too

When you are asked what animals are cute, you would definitely think of puppies, kittens, pandas, wild animals, or sea creatures—there’s plenty of animals you can think of. But what if someone says they’ve seen a cute reptile? Would you believe them if they say they’ve seen a cute slimy lizard or a funky alligator? I bet you won’t, but the truth is, reptiles can be cuter too, just that you are yet to see one.

Besides the fact that they’re pretty scary or weird, some of them also have charming and unique beauty that actually oozes with cuteness once you give them a chance. If reptiles are not your favorite creatures in the animal kingdom, you just might change your mind after seeing these photos that will surely put a smile on your face.


A Flower-Loving Bearded Dragon



Reptiles are one of the six basic groups of animals. They belong to the class Reptilia that includes lizards, snakes, tuatara, crocodilians, and turtles.


A Small Gecko Clinging on a Fingertip



Did you know that reptiles have scales that are made up of a hard substance known as keratin? It is that same sulfur-containing fibrous protein found in human hair and fingernails.


A Friendly Gecko Saying Hi to You


Hey, Human, Is It Mealtime?



Reptiles are cold-blooded and can be found on every continent of the globe except Antarctica. There are over 8,240 different species of reptiles, and they rely solely on external sources of heat like the sun for all of their warmth.

Reptiles eat thirty to fifty times less food than mammals of similar size since they don’t burn energy, making them capable of creating their own heat.



Cutest Smile from This Leopard Gecko


How Lizards Go on dates



Over 7,600 species of reptiles like lizards, snakes, and worm-lizards belong to the reptile order of Squamata. The fossils of Squamata date back to the start of the Jurassic Period. Squamates have scaly skin that sheds very often and jointed skulls and jaws that allow them to capture large prey.


The Winner of Ms.Gecko Award Goes to . . .


Hey, Mom, Lets Go North!


Newborn Baby Sea Turtle



Turtles have been around since 200 million years ago and have since changed very little in appearance. They are one of the oldest reptiles still in existence today.



You Need Any Help?



See You Later, Alligator


Small but Terrible



Did you know that the gender of many reptiles is dependent upon the temperature during fertilization? It could also be during the middle of the third embryonic development stage.


Cute Baby Chameleon



Hello, My Friend!



I Show You My Love



Did you know that reptiles have maternal instincts and complex parental behaviors? They also play with one another and can experience stress if threatened.


Mouth-Watering Smile



Let Me Be Your Ruler . . .



Hey, That Tickles



They Say Food Is a Way to a Woman’s Heart

Sierra Exif JPEG


Reptiles are descendants from ancestral amphibians that lived 340 million years ago. There are two factors that helped reptiles survive throughout the years: their ability to lay hard-shelled eggs and their scaly skin, which protects them from abrasion and loss of body moisture.



A Western Blind Snake



Most of people are afraid snakes, but would you still be afraid of that cute western blind snake?

Most snakes are not venomous, and in some cases, they attack humans only if they feel threatened in their own natural habitat. In fact, of the approximately 3,000 different species of snakes, only a few hundred are poisonous.

Hi There, Buddy


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