Russian Artist Turns Ordinary Pencils to Miniature Masterpieces

Russian Artist Turns Ordinary Pencils to Miniature Masterpieces


Aside from writing, what else could be the value of an ordinary pencil?

For most, pencils are merely for writing. However, one man has turned ordinary pencils to extraordinary masterpieces.

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Batman Pencil Sculpture

Hatman Pencil Sculpture

Graffiti Pencil Sculp

Behind these amazing masterpieces is Salavat Fidai. His creations are here to prove the world that art does not need to be huge to make a name for themselves.

Snakes and Bones Sculpture

With the use of a craft knife and a 4x magnifying glass and under the glow of a single work light, he would create his mini scuptures while his family sleeps. The finished product could only be seen in full view using a macro lens. Fidai takes photographs of them to reveal the intricate details of faces, hands, and objects.

Greek Miniature Pencil




Peace Sign Sculpting Miniature

Ultron Sculpture Miniature Pencil

Gun Pencil Sculpture


From the tip of a pencil would emerge an image of Batman, a lock and key, a skull, a hand holding a spray, a man wearing a hat, and so much more. He had even created a pencil sculpture of a hand with the word “Freedom” inscribed  on its arm, which he dedicated to the artists of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo who were murdered by terrorists on January 7, 2015.

Freedom Pencil Sculpture

Random Pencil Sculpture

Fidai used to be a lawyer in Ufa, Russia, when he got laid off last year. Instead of looking for a job, he devoted his time to art. He takes photogrpahs of them and posts them on Instagram for sale.

He sells his miniature works on Etsy, and this had helped him provide for his family. His works are patronized by customers from the United States, Australia, and Europe, with a few from his homeland.

Watch more of these pencil carving art below.


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