Struggling Mom Turns Hobby of Taking Selfies into a Career as a Fetish Model

Struggling Mom Turns Hobby of Taking Selfies into a Career as a Fetish Model

A single mom struggling to make ends meet turned her habit of taking selfies into a career. She is now a fetish model.

Sabien Demonia, a mother of three, was having a tough time financially until she started to take sexy selfies to boost her own confidence post-partum and to do something to pass the time during the day.

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Her images caught the attention of fetish photographers on Facebook, which allowed her to get a series of high-profile modelling jobs for the covers of alternative magazines.

There was a time that Sabien Demonia struggled to afford clothing for her children. She moved to the UK from Poland in 2010, and she worked as a waitress and in a warehouse to pay her bills.

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Now thanks to fetish modelling, she can now afford to give her family special treats and luxuries like holidays and gaming consoles.

The mom from Edinburgh has more than 125,000 fans and has an Amazon wish list where her followers can buy her expensive presents.

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A good month can see Sabien Demonia earn over $8,500 dollars. She gets to see the world traveling all over for her modelling shoots. Her children, Damian, 9; Wiktoria, 8; and Maja, 6 and her fiance, transport manager Pete Kawa, 33, are all proud of her modeling achievements.


Sabien Demonia explains her experience, “I was a single mother of two kids at the time—it wasn’t easy. I started with completely nothing and I would struggle to buy clothes for the kids. I started posting pictures to feel glamorous and not just a worn-down mum. Since I started modelling full time, my life has completely changed for the better.”

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She understands that there are those who look down on fetish modeling, but for Sabien, it has allowed her to provide well for her children. Breastfeeding increased her bust from DD to a G cup, and the size 12 model is a big hit on the fetish scene. She had a tummy tuck in 2010 so that she would look better in her body-hugging costumes.

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After having two children, she did not feel fulfilled staying at home doing the household chores and caring for the kids. She wanted to do something for herself, so she decided to post sexy photos of herself that eventually were spotted by photographers.

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She enjoyed posing for the photos and doing her makeup. Creating her own outfits gave her a chance to be creative.


She said her children are her biggest fans, even more than her fiance. She added, “They really like what I’m doing, especially the girls because it involves all the dressing up and girly stuff so they love it.”

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Sabien has her critics who say that she is introducing her sexuality to her children too early, but she defends herself, saying that being open with the children is good for their development. She added, “My response is, it’s a job like every single other one. Nudity is all over the Internet, so it doesn’t do any harm to my children and they understand it from the other side.”

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She hopes that being open with her children will prepare them for adulthood and make them more aware of the challenges they will face. She does not want them to make the same mistakes she did.

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