Man Survives 30 Days Eating Only Bugs, Crickets, and Cockroaches

Man Survives 30 Days Eating Only Bugs, Crickets, and Cockroaches

According to a UN report, the world’s current population is 7.2 billion and is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Reports have it that 11.3 percent of those are hungry, they would eat anything just to survive—even bugs.

Well, for Americans, they don’t need to worry, they have enough food—except for this student, who willingly chose to munch on worms and crickets for 30 days!

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Many find eating grubs and bugs revolting, but for Camren Brantley-Rios, who had insects for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire month, it was “pretty good.”

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His diet include mealworms, waxworms, and crickets. He incorporated those species to his everyday meals like scrambled eggs with waxworms, bug-burgers with cheese, and creole crickets.

He sometimes uses different insects like orange-spotted cockroach in his exotic dishes. He just removed the legs, wings and the shell covering the head then sauted it using different herbs, mushrooms and onions.

According to Rios, this particular exotic recipe was surprisingly good, a little bit tangy but nothing weird.

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His other exotic food experiments didn’t have the same result, particularly the silkworm pupae, Rios revealed that he doesn’t it because it stank.

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Rios said that compared to mammals, insects use up lesser resources to produce the same amount of protein. And about 2 billion people in the world eat insects, though it’s not popular in the US because they have finer meats.

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Since bug farms are rare, he gets his insects ordered from farms that supply zoos. But he always makes sure that his insects are safe to eat, meaning bugs must only be fed on organic diet.

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Rios was once among those who find eating bugs repulsive, but as a man trying to make an impact in our environment, one insect-eater won’t make much of a difference, he needs to convert the others.

His friends, for example, and according to Rios, some of them are starting to come around.

“A lot of my friends who I didn’t expect to eat bugs are asking to do it too.”

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