See How the Impossible Happened For This Homeless Man …The Odds!

See How the Impossible Happened For This Homeless Man …The Odds!

A homeless man from Colorado will have a very joyous Christmas after winning $500,000 off a $10 scratch card. Enough to turn his life around.

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After he went through a divorce and lost his business, Michael Engfors had a tough six years being homeless.

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Now Michael hopes for a fresh start and to reconnect with his daughter whom he hasn’t seen for more than 20 years.

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Michael, who is 61 years old, was staying in the Aspen Homeless Shelter, but he never lost hope that his life would change for the better. Even though buying a $10 lottery ticket was pure luck, he’s sure glad that he bought it that day.

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The Eternal Splendor scratch card that Michael bought had odds of 840,000 to 1. He was a lucky man that day, and let’s hope he really makes the best out of his good fortune.





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