See What Little This Burn Victim Wants For Christmas …Wow!

See What Little This Burn Victim Wants For Christmas …Wow!

Have you updated your Christmas wish list already? Because this girl is going to make you change it and will even give you reasons to rethink about your life.

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People and especially kids usually have long wish lists of things they want for Christmas.

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But for Safyre Terry, all she ever wants is to receive Christmas cards that she will hang on her Christmas tree.

Safyre lost her entire family—parents and siblings—in an arson attack. Because of the unfortunate event, she received burns on 75 percent of her body. She managed to survive because of her heroic father who protected her with his body from the fire.

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Right after the arson attack two years ago Safyre underwent 50 various operations despite her young age.

A month after the incident, she lost her left foot and right hand. She is scheduled to undergo another operation on January 5. She is now under her aunt’s supervision.

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When Safyre saw the Christmas tree in her new home, she said, “I can’t wait to fill it up.” Her aunt posted the kid’s response on Facebook, and it unexpectedly went viral.

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A huge box of cards arrived at their home.

Now that’s the true meaning of Christmas, and it just proved that the Internet can be a wonderful place.


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