12 Boys VS Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas

12 Boys VS Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas

When you are short of space for your little kiddos in the house, your only alternative is to place them in one room. But shared bedrooms could be a very challenging task especially when you are dealing with a little boy and a little girl. It is not easy to come up with a design that both kids would love, after all, women are from Venus while men are from Mars.

There are just a lot of things to consider when creating a shared bedroom. The design, the theme, the color of the sheets, etc. The question “How can I create one and the same thing that will suit different tastes?” remains. Boys like superheroes, while girls like Barbie. Some boys like the color blue, while girls like pink. Sometimes, they both like animation but are into widely different shows. It’s a pain, and preferring one over the other is a big no-no.

But hey, worry not. If you are still very much confused about how to infuse two different personalities in one bedroom, we have some amazing design ideas for you. Scroll down below and find 12 fascinating designs on how to decorate a shared bedroom for you kids.

For your sailor kids


Blue and pink are two colors that would clearly draw the line


Primary colors can be great too


When they need a little personal space just in between the beds…


Put on some fancy canopies



A decorative divider gives them more space to keep their secrets


Take their initials to the wall


If initials won’t work, spell out their names on the¬†surface

Make some hints on the ceiling

Make it fair and square




Sometimes, you just need to play with the patterns

A curtain would give them a little privacy too


Check out more inspiration with the videos below:



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