Cuteness Overload: 22 Proud Mother Dogs and Their Puppies

Cuteness Overload: 22 Proud Mother Dogs and Their Puppies

They are our source of hope. They are our support system. They will do anything to keep us safe from harm. And they love us unconditionally. From creating life to raising a family, mothers of all types are pretty amazing!

However, is there anything cuter than seeing a mother dog swoon over her puppies like a proud mom? Answer: NO! These beautiful canine families prove that motherly instinct is not just a human trait!

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Getting quite comfy there, eh?

Look at these groups of puppies snuggling their way to their mom’s arms. Nothing could get cuter than this!

This just looks very heartwarming. It will certainly make you go “Awww.”

“These are my babies!” proudly, she says.

Look at these little black-and-white balls of sunshine!

St. Bernard Mom and her Puppies - Precious!!!!

Doesn’t this photo touch your heart?

Very photogenic! Like mother, like child.

Doesn’t this remind you of when Simba hid behind Mufasa in The Lion King? The fierceness is there!

Cute pitbull puppy with her mother.. Click the pic for more pets ... LOVE LOVE LOVE ... my FAV breed ... we have rescued many that were used for fighting (SICK people) and rehabilitated them to live their lives happily as sweet, gentle, loving dogs with the RIGHT people ... not a-holes ... I grew up nappin' on top of these big 'pillows' ... thnx mom !! <3 <3 <3

Baby wants to play, so Mommy is there to look after the little pup.

Brittany Puppy Dog And Mother, via Flickr.

This breed never fails to make people swoon. And what more a mother and puppy combo, right?

One Husky or Two?


Giving Mom the touch that she needs and deserves.

Momma Beagle and Puppy Beagle

Mom and pups posing for the camera

Pug family portrait

A kiss from Mommy to her beautiful puppy

Momma lovin

Look at them cuties trying to jump their way out of the room.

Sleepy Mommy . . .

Mother and son....

This is one of the proudest mother dogs I’ve seen!

Awww... Aint they cute! My son loves to play with dogs and cats because they're so cute. And could not be happier to see my son play with them

They both look gorgeous!

Love the German Shepherd Dog since I was a kid..can't live without them

Zzzz . . . sleep soundly, cuties.

appreciate the affection and devotion that a mother dog feels for her puppies !!!

Just two puppies chilling on the back of their proud momma.

“Is it play time yet?”

Want more of these cute mom and pup scenarios? Watch these videos of a mother educating her puppies and a mom protecting her pups.


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