Soccer Player Has a Surprising Disability

Soccer Player Has a Surprising Disability

Once you get a chance to really look at Nico Calabria and hear about his accomplishments, you will immediately grasp that this guy is truly extraordinary. Calabria tested every sport he can – wrestling, basketball, gymnastics, and finally, soccer, which became the field that he would be extremely devoted in as he aged. At the very young age of 13, he successfully raised money amounting to over $100,000 to get into Mount High School.

He was then accepted into the school’s varsity soccer team. He successfully scored a goal for the team, the video of which later on became viral on the Internet as it garnered around 2 million views on YouTube.

Calabria was also hand-picked to star for propaganda known as “Powering Through”. The commercial was aired at the Kicking and Screening Soccer Film at Tribeca Cinemas in New York.

But, like we said, Nico is an exceptional guy, and what makes him this way is the fact that he only has one leg since the day he was born – not to mention that it’s a left leg.

Nico Calabria – Motivational speaker, Commercial Model, Star Athlete, and A Guy with Just One Leg

Calabria gives recognition to his parents for giving him the undying support that he needed. This was the reason he was able to accomplish everything, regardless of his physical limitations.




Nico stated:

“My parents always instilled in me an attitude of, ‘Hey, tough luck, man. You were born with one leg. Now make the best of it.’”

His mother, Jeanine, constantly taught him to concentrate on what he has instead of focusing on what he doesn’t. Every time he got bullied due to having only one leg, his mother would often console him, but his father has always been less affectionate.

His father, Carl Calabria, would merely say:

“We get it, it’s a bummer, but there’s legitimately zero you can do about it. So what now?”

Young Nico Pursued His Dreams with His Parents’ Support





Calabria’s astounding example of perseverance became the fundamental logic why Powerade chose him to represent them. He’s also been a field tester for a company who manufactures sports crutches named Side Six and he was also the representative for the United States at Mexico’s Amputee Football World Cup.

Watch the Inspiring story of soccer player with only one leg below:

In the following video, check out Nico’s amazing goal with Second Angle:

Below is the video of Nico’s commercial:

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