These People All Have Something VERY Unique About Them

These People All Have Something VERY Unique About Them


The world is full of weird, unique and wonderful people. These people will make you do a double-take when they walk past you. Just like the ones below, whom you won’t believe actually exist.

She’s One Lanky Lady

This unique woman is a tower. Elisany da Cruz Silva stands 6 feet 8 inches tall. Her fiance is 5 feet 4 inches.

4651 unique

Tiny-Waisted Woman

A unique German woman, who wanted to have the smallest waist, decided to wear a corset for three years. Her waist is smaller than some people’s arms.

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Gigantic Chest

Beshine wears a 32Z bra. She has the largest fake chest in the world and they weigh a whopping 40 pounds.

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What a Nice Show

This very unique woman has some very large assets and she isn’t shy about showing them off.

MoreThanReality002421-1 unique

More Melons

This woman was on a TV show. They can’t be real. They look far too big and uncomfortable.







Backwards Feet

Wang Fang was born with feet that are backwards. She hasn’t let this stop her though. She is able to run and walk with them.

PAY-Wang-Fang unique

Witch Woman

This woman with the crazy eyes looks like she’ll turn everyone into stone. The crazy hair goes with her crazy eyes. This is one scary woman.

Snip20150602_13 unique

Real Life Magneto

This man is a human magnet. He can stick forks, spoons, and spatulas on his body.

435 unique

Lash Man

This man has the longest lashes in the world. Let’s call him Lash Man.







Real Life Vampire

This girl is enough to make anyone want to run in the opposite direction. She is covered in tattoos, has fangs, and weird lumps in her head.




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