This Stuffed Minion Toy Saved a Girl’s Life – This Story will Amaze You

This Stuffed Minion Toy Saved a Girl’s Life – This Story will Amaze You


Each superhero is unique. While others wear capes, some wear denim overalls.

When the tiny yellow goggled creatures made their first appearance in Despicable Me, they already won the hearts of the masses. Recently, they even made a comeback in the blockbuster film, Minions. 

Just as we thought their charisma and superpowers are limited to the big screen, it appears that we are all wrong. When a girl insisted on keeping her stuffed minion together with her all the time, it seems that it came with a reason. At the end of the day, the toy saved her life.

In the report of the New York Daily News, a 5-year-old girl from Colorado Springs was playing in her room. Suddenly, she fell backwards out the window of their three-story home while holding onto her Minion toy. According to the police, the toy might have cushioned her fall, sparing her life.




Of course, this kind of pro-merchandising publicity isn’t something you can’t afford to buy. So for parents, it’s up to you whether you will give in to the requests of your kids about buying Minion toys. You never know what these tiny yellow dudes can offer them soon.

Watch the news recap below:

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