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Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Hound: A Story of True Friendship


It is really surprising when you find out how two very different worlds may collide and meld into each other’s lives. It is more amazing, however, to discover that this doesn’t only apply to human beings, but also to the animal kingdom.

Here is the story of an orangutan and a dog, who found each other and formed an unbreakable bond.

When Suryia, the three-year-old orangutan, lost his parents, he became so depressed that he refused to eat and failed to respond on any medical treatment. The veterinarians lost all hope that Suryia would recover, and contemplated on the idea that the animal will die from sadness.

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Syuria and Roscoe

On the same day of the treatment, zookeepers found Roscoe, an old and sick Bluetick hound, roaming about the grounds of the zoo where the Suryia lived. They brought the stray dog in the animal treatment center where the two buddies met.

Naturally, dogs are afraid of primates, so the staff was baffled when Suryia ambled over to Roscoe, and they started playing. The two unlikely friends immediately hit it off, and have been inseparable from each other since.

Suryia and Roscoe
Best Buds

Who would have thought that these two would become best buddies for life?

Syuria and Roscoe

See how these lovable duos play with each other in the video below:

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