War Dogs in Action

Remarkable Photos of Military Dogs in Action


Animals have been used heavily in warfare since the beginning of time.

One of the most popular animals used since ancient times are dogs. Fittingly called as ‘war dogs,’ these specially trained canine companions have been used in military combat for several different purposes. From scouting to tracking, dogs have developed the reputation as a valuable asset and member of the US military.

Throughout the US’s military history, coalition troops have relied heavily on military working dogs in not only making their jobs easier but also in keeping them safe. Like their handlers, these dogs have faced danger and even suffered in the process. Aside from working side by side with soldiers in combat, they also serve as therapy dogs, service dogs and loyal companions for soldiers who are constantly away from home.

Below is a series of snapshots of these heroic dogs in action over the course of several years while working in Afghanistan with different the US Coalition troops.

1.) Ricky the dog is seen here with Canadian Troops during a search and security operaiton in the Dand area of Kandahar, Southern Afghanistan.

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Military Dogs in Action

2.) A military dog joins fellow American troops as they fire at the alleged Taliban fighters.

Military Dog

3.) Ronnie joins 1st Sgt. Dean Bissey, left, Company C “Dustoff”, 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion in one of their missions.

Military Dogs at Work

4.) Meet Fito! He is the trusty sidekick of Lance Cpl. Jeremy D. Angenend.


5.) A sniffer dog patiently waits for further command.

Military Dogs at Work




6.) Paris takes a water break while at work in the Farah province of Afghanistan.


7.) A German shepherd assists his handler in restoring order during a soccer game riot.

Military Dogs at Work

8.) A sniffer dog assist the soldiers during a brief demining mission.

Sniffer Dog

9.) A deminer works with his fellow sniffer dog.

Deminer and Dog

10.) Airman 1st Class Jason Fischman, hoists a U.S. Army tactical explosive detection dog as they join a joint rescue training scenario at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.

Dog Detecting Explosive





11.) U.S. Army soldiers of 82nd Airborne Division and sniffer dog Alex sleep in a compound of Afghan security forces at night before a mission.

Alex the Dog

12.) A soldier plays with a military dog in training.

Plays with Dog

13.) A military dog handler watches over his canine pal after being injured during a mission earlier that day.

Military Dog Handler

14.) Meet the night watch!

Night Watch Dog

15.) Sgt Kenneth A. Fischer watches over Drak, his loyal subordinate as they await medical assistance.






16.) It’s training time as a US army special forces officer jumps off the ramp of a chinook helicopter with his military working dog.

Dogs Train

17.)  A military dog peers at the camera while awaiting orders with his troops.

Military Dog Posing

18.)  A solider shares a tender moment with his trusty sidekick.

Trusty Sidekick

19.) It’s rest and relaxation time.

Rest and Relaxation

20.) Meet U.S. Army Specialist Joe Keck, who lost his left arm in a vehicle accident in Afghanistan in July 2006, and his new service dog Nolls.



See these military dogs in actions:



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