Take the Plunge Into the World’s Most Scenic Swimming Pools

Take the Plunge Into the World’s Most Scenic Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are just one of the world’s most extravagantly designed objects you can find.

This popular recreational object has become a symbol of both power and prestige due to the fact that the rich and powerful are more than willing to invest in sprucing up their very own pools. It is because of this invest that gave birth to world’s most strikingly beautiful and scenic pools in the world.

Here are the top ten breathtaking pools that will definitely lure you into its watery depths.

1.) Hayman Pool


The Hayman Pool, located at Hayman Island in Australia is one of the world’s largest swimming pool. It is seven times bigger than the Olympic size swimming pool.

2.) Palms Hotel, Las Vegas


The cantilevered Playboy Jacuzzi pool is the hidden jewel of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. The pool has glass end walls and a spectacular view of the Strip that seats a total of 25 people.

3.) Hotel Élan, Dallas




The hanging pool in Hotel Ellan at Dallas drapes a full 8 feet over the edge of the building above the street. It has a glass wall at the far edge that will give you a glimpse of what is inside the pool.

4.) Blue Lagoon Pool


The Blue Lagoon Pool is found in the Blue Lagoon Resort in Iceland. Aside from the scenic beauty and fresh air that guests get to enjoy, swimmers also get to enjoy and relax at the pool’s warm, geothermal seawater.

5.) Begawan Giri Pool

The Begawan Giri Hotel in Bali is home to one of the world’s best spas and swimming pools which can be seen in the picture above.


6.) Hotel Caruso


The infinity pool found on the Amalfi Coast gives swimmers a one of a kind, panoramic view of the world.

7.) Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Ever wondered how a swimming pool of a seven star hotel look like?


8.) Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas


The notorious Golden Nugget pool has now officially been named as The Tank. This $30 million complex is complete with a shark tank, a 3-story waterslide and seven private cabanas.

9.) San Alfonso del Mar


San Alfonso del Mar is a resort located in the central coast of Chile. It is frequently noted for its of its 1,000-meter long, 19-acre outdoor pool that holds the record for the world’s largest swimming pool in the Guinness Book of World Records. The water from the pool is pumped from the Pacific Ocean and is filtered and treated.

10.) Park Hyatt Pool


The ultra-modern Park Hyatt in Tokyo has a full-sized indoor, sky-high swimming pool. Located on the 47th floor, the 60-foot-long swimming pool is glass-enclosed foyer with views of the city.
Check out more of the world’s amazing pools in the videos below:



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