The World’s Most Astonishing Natural Infinity Pools

The World’s Most Astonishing Natural Infinity Pools

The infinity pool received its name from the visual effect it creates. The pools are specifically designed to give the illusion that is extends all the up to the horizon or “infinity” which is seen on the design of the pool’s edge.

The concept of this man made recreational device originated from France during the early part of the 17th century. Generally, what we often thought as a man made invention turned out to be an imitation from one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations. Check out some of the world’s most beautiful and natural infinity pools that will make even the most luxurious hotel in the world cry.

1. Tai O Lantau

Natural Infinity Pools

The Tai O Lantau is one of the Hong Kong’s hidden treasures. This natural infinity pool is hard to reach and travelers are required to walk several miles to get to the place. Due to its accessibility, it is able to maintain its rather pristine state.

2. Natural Lava Pools of Porto Moniz

Natural Lava Pools of Porto Moniz

One of the biggest highlights of the Porto Montiz Village in the Portuguese Archipelago are a series of natural infinity pools nestled in the area. Its infinity pools are bizarre, dark lava rocks that are filled with the ocean’s crystal clear water which offers perfect bathing conditions.

3. Gunlom Plunge Pool

Natural Infinity Pools

The Gunglom Plunge Pool is located at the Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land in Australia. The Gunlom Plunge Pool is located at the top portion of the Gunlom Falls which offers a unique view of the Kakadu Plains and the Arnhem Land escarpment.

4. Piscina Naturale di Ferreira

Piscina Naturale di Ferreira

The Piscina Naturale Di Ferreira is located in the country of Portugal at the Island of Sao Miguel. What is great about this infinity pool is that it is filled with warm water and is surrounded by the beautiful ocean and distinct black lava rocks.

5. Tidal Pools of Sydney

Natural Infinity Pools

Unknown to many, Sydney, Australia is home of the some of the world’s most stunning tidal pools. Several of these notable pools are located at  North Narrabeen, and at Coogee Beach including Wylie’s Baths and McIvors Pool. Although these natural infinity pools have now been reinforced with concrete walls, railings and ladders, the pools are still fed bu sea water.


6. Devil’s Pool

Devil's pool in Victoria Falls

There’s every bit of reason why this particular pool infinity pool is named so. The Devil’s Pool is located on the edge of the Victoria Falls in Zambia. A stone wall has been placed on the bed of the pool to protect swimmers from falling over the edge of the pool. It is said that the best way to take a plunge on the Devil’s Pool is during the dry season which between the months of August and January when the water levels drop.

7. Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha

Another infinity pool located at the Portugal’s Sao Miguel is the Caldeira Velha. This geothermal spring offers quite a visual treat for guests as the pool is enclosed in the rain forest just away from the rocky shores and tidal pools. The pool sits at the foot of the waterfall amids the rust coloured rocky walls and rich vegetation.


8. Pamukkale Travertine Terraces

Pamukkale Travertine Terraces

The Pamukkale Travertine Terraces is located in the country of Turkey. It is known for its icy blue waters that are trapped in the snow white steps that look deceivingly cold. In reality, waters from the 17 pools located in the area has temperatures that can reach up to as high 100°C. This infinity pool is currently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

9. Kuang Si Waterfall

Natural Infinity Pools

The Kuang Si Falls is a three tier waterfall that is located at the landlocked region of Laos named Luang Prabang. This popular tourist destination is home to cascading travertine waterfalls that fall steeply from shallows pools which eventually collect in the natural infinity pools found within its vicinity. The pools are known for the turquoise color and a trail that offers an excellent view of the falls.

10. Top Ponds

Valley View Hot Springs

The Top Ponds is a series of three tiered pools feeding each other and is located in the Valley View Hot Springs of Villa Grove in Colorado, USA. Visitors have the opportunity to bask in the ponds of natural rocks and enjoy warm baths as the water in the pools are fed by the hot springs whose temperature can reach 93-107°F.




Marvel at some incredible infinity pools found around the world in the videos below:

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