Teen Can Rotate His Arms 180 Degrees …World’s Most Flexible Man?

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We’re betting you’ve seen a lot of jaw-dropping performances in your life. However, this one might be just a tad unique in a very weird way.

A 16-year-old boy named Jaspreet from India is showing off his innate talent, which is bending his body in various positions just like a rubber band.



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According to him, since he was just 11, he has learned to move and rotate his head at 180 degrees and his arms up to 360 degrees. He can also bend his body in ways that are too hard for ordinary people.


Jaspreet is looking forward to turning his natural body bending skills into a serious profession. Now he’s been training for the Indian national television.

The India Book of Record has given him the title “Rubber Boy”.

For boys and girls who have seen his special talent, Jaspreet is a superstar.



To see his amazing talent, watch the video below.