The Most Amazing Photos of Florida Ever Captured

The Most Amazing Photos of Florida Ever Captured


Florida, the “Sunshine State,” is blessed with wonderful weather and beautiful beaches. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Straits of Florida to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the southeastern-most state of U.S.A. welcomes an average of 40 million tourists every year.

Undoubtedly, one of the must visit state in America, the “Sunshine State” boasts of beautiful places within its borders.

Here are 17 photographs that captured the beauty of Florida.

Tiny Turtle Swimming In The Ocean, Florida
Beauty Of Florida16


Aerial View Of Verona Walk, Naples, Florida
Beauty Of Florida5


Big Green Iguana Of Florida Keys
Beauty Of Florida3


Storm Over Beach, Florida
Beauty Of Florida13


Manatee Mother With Baby, Florida
Beauty Of Florida8




Black Skimmer And A Baby Chick
Beauty Of Florida14


Cedar Key Florida Sunset
Beauty Of Florida15


Manatees Of Crystal River,

Beauty Of Florida1


Three Sisters Springs, Florida
Beauty Of Florida17


Spacecraft Ascends Through A Night Sky, Florida
Beauty Of Florida6




Lonely Tree In A Lake, Florida
Beauty Of Florida7


A Sunrise Through Bench, Florida
Beauty Of Florida10


This Is Miami,Florida
Beauty Of Florida12


Magic Kingdom, Disney World
Beauty Of Florida2


Natural Freshwater Springs, Florida
Beauty Of Florida4




Fort Jefferson, Florida
Beauty Of Florida9


Cape Coral From Above, Florida
Beauty Of Florida11



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