The Most Beautiful Home Libraries Around the World

The Most Beautiful Home Libraries Around the World

For bookworms around the world, having our own private library would be a dream come true. We all wished to be able to enter and enjoy books in the world’s most renowned and exclusive libraries such as the Vatican Library and the Library of Congress. But for us ordinary citizens, owning our own personal library privacy of our homes would be more than enough.

Here are some inspirational libraries that were built in homes around the world.

1 . Harbor Island Library

Need another reason to visit the Bahamas aside from its paradise-like beaches? Here’s one for bibliophiles: the library on Harbor Island, privately owned, will cater to your need to read books while unwinding at the beach.

2 . Alberto Manguel’s Private Library

The Argentian-born Canadian writer, Alberto Manguel owns an impressive home in the south of France. The writer of “The Light at Night,” about history of libraries, is proud of his own private library which contains over 30,000 books.


3 . Donald Judd’s Library

Artist and minimalist Donald Judd is known for his aversion for ornamentation, and he made it a point when he created his own private library. Judd’s personal library may have less decorations but it is full of books, and that’s what important.

4 . Ben Stiller’s Private Library

The Hollywood funnyman may play dumb roles in some movies but the actor is the complete opposite in real life. Proof of this is his own impressive private library which houses hundreds of books.

5 . Villa Dali Library

“Villa Dali” is a house in Netherland that was inspired by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali as its name suggests. One of the villa’s pride is its library which is beautifully designed.




6 . Jay Walker’s Library

The founder of Walker Digital, Jay Walker, is very proud of his private library. The geeky library houses Walker’s collection of rare artifacts such as the original Sputnik satellite and a copy of the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle.

7. Madrid Library

In the exclusive neighborhood of Pozuelo de Alarcon in Madrid, a mega-mansion is a home to a very impressive library. The private library is beautifully designed and spacious, and it has a magnificent view too.

8 . Casa Kike Library

It would be worth moving to Costa Rica just to be able to use this library.

9 . Minimalist Home Library

Having a small home is not an excuse in not having a private library as this home proved. With only 700 meters of living space, the relatively small house has a beautiful minimalist library.

10 . Ikushima Library

Who wouldn’t want to live in this Tokyo home? The house boasts of its own two-story library.




11 . Richard Macksey’s Library

John Hopkins professor is clearly in love with books. He owns a library which houses his collection of over 70,000 books. That’s impressive!

12 . George Lucas’ Library

The Star Wars creator likes to unwind at his Skywalker Ranch. George Lucas’ mansion boasts of a picturesque tow-story library.

13 . Biltmore Estate Library

The largest privately-owned house in the U.S. is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It is not surprising to find an enormous library in the estate.

14 . Neil Gaiman’s Library

One of the most successful and famous wordsmith today is Neil Gaiman. The writer of the graphic novel “The Sandman” is also a proud owner of exquisite private library. The writer’s library houses graphic novels, sci-fi books, and several gargoyle statues for added effects.

15 . New York Penthouse Library

One of the perks of owning this New York City penthouse is its impressive library. And, if you get tired of reading, you can always turn on the flat-screen TV which is hidden behind some fake books on the wall.




16 . Private Home Library

This library is the home of over 5,000 books. No word yet if the dog comes with it.

17 . Renovated Home Library

This Sally Sirkin Lewis-designed home incorporates an open-air floor plan. The result is very spectacular just by looking at the Carmel Valley’s home own private library.

18 . Creekside Library

This private library is just one of the highlights of the 10,200 square feet San Mateo home. The home also boasts of an outdoor pool and other extravagant features.

19 . Boise Library

This simple but classy library is owned by a book-lover in Boise, Idaho.


20 . Geddes Brown Library

This modernist-themed private library sits atop a 17th century London townhouse.




21 . Cozy Private Library

What can you say about this elegant library? A beautiful chandelier, a gold-plated armor, hunting trophies and plush chairs. What more can you ask for?

22 . San Francisco Library

The winding staircase just adds to the elegance of this home library. Why are some people lucky?

23 . French Library 2

This grunge-themed library in France will inspire you to build one of your own in your house.

24 . Diane Von Furstenberg’s Private Library

The famous fashion designer owns a library that matches her fashion sense.

25. ¬†Karl Lagerfeld’s Private Library

Another fashion designer who also owns a library. His awesome library houses thousands of books.




26 . Paul Fortune’s Private Library

What’s with designers and books? Designer Paul Fortune’s Laurel Canyon home also boasts of a cozy library.

27 . Chatfield Design Library

How’s reading by a fireplace sounds? Amazing, right?


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