Type Faster with the new Beeraider Keyboard

Type Faster with the new Beeraider Keyboard

One of the biggest problems that people encounter at this day and age regarding the use of technological tools is the use of keyboards.

Keyboards are used as the primary device to input certain commands right into the computer. However, one of the most common problems that users face today, especially those who are not familiar with technology, is how to use the said device. This frustration is what inspired an individual named Ray McEnaney  to design a revolutionary keyboard.

The keyboard that we are now using today is modeled after the traditional typewriter keyboard however, his creation was inspired by Mother Nature: a bee. His aim is to make the user of the keyboard type faster by putting letters in key positions and other related mnemonic learning tools.


Known as the Beeraider, this oddly shaped keyboard resembles a bee in flight. It has two “wings” of keys arranged on either side of a radical concept.  The layout allows the most used keys at the center while the other ‘useless’ letters are founds outside.

The BeeRaider is available for preorders at $112.49. Buyers have a variety of designs to choose from: the optimized layout or the radial QWERTY design.  Mobile users can also try BeeRaider’s Android app  for a cost of $1.92.

Find out how efficient the Beeraider is!


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