These Squirrel Feeders are So Ingenious …You’ll Want Your Very Own

These Squirrel Feeders are So Ingenious …You’ll Want Your Very Own


Squirrels are cute little creatures that like to steal food from bird feeders, and try as you might, you will not be able to shoo them away. They are not afraid and they will continue to feast on the seeds intended for your feathered friends.

Since they expect a free meal, why not just learn to live with them and provide them with some nuts. You can make it fun by placing the food in these uniquely shaped waterproof feeders. Seeing squirrels in your yard eating from these feeders will surely bring a smile to your face, while you sip on your morning coffee.

Iron Man Mask Feeder

Whoever started this surely came up with one of the greatest inventions ever. It provides amusement, while being able to feed an animal.

Place some peanuts in a horse mask feeder and you’re in for a barrel of laughs


British farmer Jane Roberts placed food inside these coconuts.


This squirrel is ready for Halloween with this pumpkin feeder




A squirrel inside a squirrel-shaped feeder


Scream for this squirrel


A squirrel with a bug-eyed feeder makes a unique mash-up


This feeder is full of Halloween spookiness





This squirrel likes playing Minecraft

Watch how the Horse Head Squirrel Feeders work below:

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